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  • With us, you can ship packages worldwide, regardless of volume and weight. Packages can be picked up, or dropped off at our location. We further ensure that your package reaches the recipient as quickly as possible. Should you, as a non-EU resident, make online purchases, or buy items physically in stores within Europe, Morends B.V. guarantees the receipt and further dispatch. If the VAT is paid and the order form (invoice) is filled out correctly (online or in the store), we can ensure that the VAT is refunded or deducted from the shipping costs.
  • ✓ Service Point DHL,UPS, DPD, MONDIAL RELAY
  • ✓ Fast, Worldwide shipping
  • ✓ Your personal delivery address in Europe.
  • ✓ Receive VAT refund of all your purchases
  • ✓ Extra low shipping costs because of VAT refund

How can MORENDS help you

Morends completes your registration with the most innovative and transparent VAT refund company After your registration we provide the documentation (EXA confirmation of exit) so that your VAT refund can be correctly applied for. We advise you to expressly point out to the store that your purchases must be delivered to our address. Pay extra attention to this when purchasing online. We also ensure that your purchases will be shipped to your destination on the next possible sailing.
Save all your receipts and invoices and save up to 21% on your shopping in the European Union! Thanks to a special EU regulation, you can claim back the Value Added Tax paid over items you have bought in the EU. You can claim back VAT if you’re a; non-EU resident, expat, international student, NATO military employee or diplomat. We’ll help you get a refund on your shopping in the EU, even if you shop online. With It’s easy and you’ll get the highest refund possible. We’re here to help you claim what's yours.
Am I eligible for a VAT refund?

You're eligible for a VAT refund if you meet the NEMS-requirements:

  • You're a non-EU resident and you purchase items in the EU for personal use in your non-EU homecountry.
  • You spend a minimum amount per store, per day.
  • You receive a stamp from customs on a valid receipt (or other digital export confirmation). Digital export documents are always accepted if you export via courier (MORENDS Expres, DHL, FedEX, UPS) or MORENDS.

Other eligible groups include:

  • Expats
  • International students
  • NATO military employees
  • Diplomats based in the EU


Shop VAT Free

Tax-Free Online Shopping

Quickly taking your online orders and easily getting your money back is really easy with Morends B.V. and For online orders, make sure to include as the recipient your name and address in the country you live in. As the delivery address in the Netherlands should be entered: MORENDS B.V., Vierambachtstraat 23 A, 3022 AB, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Shopping Tax free online

Tax Free In Physical Stores

Go shopping and ask the store for an invoice that meets the requirements for a VAT refund. If the store cannot print an invoice with all your information, you can accept a normal receipt and fill out a tax-free form instead. You can download a tax-free form here= APPLY!!!!
Create an account and register your receipts. Don't forget to upload them! Otherwise we can't start processing your claims. We will take care of the Export document(EXA), and Confirmation of exit will take care of it for you.Don't worry. It's easy and only takes a minute of your time. We will guide you through the process and keep you updated on the status of your claims until they are processed by the stores. After a store processes your claim, we'll automatically notify you by email. You can then log into your account to continue processing the VAT amount received.

For more information about tax-free shopping in the EU:

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