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We represent YOU, and are central as an extension in shipping your goods to all destinations.

Through cooperation with our Partners, we can serve entrepreneurs well by acting as agents for them. We accompany Your shipments to the delivery address and further assist you with information that can be very important for choices you as a business owner must make before, and/or after the purchase.

We ship packages and other purchased, or personal goods for individuals to their destination. For individuals, our address is their delivery address. We offer you our courier service and for online purchases, our address can be listed as the delivery address. We will take delivery of the items for you and forward them to you. For items on which VAT has been charged, after shipping to countries outside the European Union you will receive the VAT amount paid back through us.

Import Services

As soon as you have the invoice for the goods to be imported, we can get started. With the invoice, the specialist classifies your goods under the correct commodity code (HS code). We only work with goods from outside the EU, as no customs clearance is required within the EU when crossing internal borders and these goods are no longer subject to customs controls.

As soon as your goods have arrived at the EU external border, we will report this to customs. After unloading, your goods will be declared for import. The goods have now been cleared, provided that no physical inspection is required by customs, NVWA or another organisation. If this is the case, we can coordinate this physical quality control.


Export Services

Have your import documentation carried out by qualified declarants!

Ensure that you follow the frameworks and regulations surrounding importation. Both Dutch and EU rules may apply to your goods. We know these rules perfectly and ensure neutral and efficient handling.

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Paving the way for international trade

Customs plays an important role in facilitating various trade processes and protecting economies from risk, becoming an essential success factor for doing business in the international marketplace.

With our knowledge, we share advice on customs formalities and tax implications when importing and exporting your goods. We can calculate for you the duties to be paid when importing a certain product. And by taking care of the right documents, you can rest assured that shipments will cross the border smoothly and on time, without administrative burdens, delays or fines.


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