If you wish to transport a shipment by sea freight, the size of the shipment determines whether your shipment will be consolidated (less than container load, LCL) or transported in a separate container (full container load, FCL). If your shipment is not large enough to completely fill a container (FCL), we will arrange for consolidation with other shipments. Your shipment will then be combined with other shipments with the same destination, so you do not have to pay for a full container. With MORENDS, we provide several fixed consolidation services for your LCL shipments.
LCL consolidation services MORENDS: your sea freight shipment efficient and sustainable
By consolidating multiple shipments into 1 container, we directly save costs on your shipment and make your transport more sustainable at the same time! Why choosing for consolidation with MORENDS with their own liner services?
  • Efficiency and competitive pricing by bundling shipments
  • End-to-end in-house for optimal service
  • More sustainable by consolidating shipments from multiple shippers

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